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Tibet is more vast, exotic, and inspiring than anyone yet to visit can imagine. It contains the world's highest lakes and greatest river systems, tallest ice mountains and spectacular hot springs, forested
valleys and even volcanoes.

Much of the flora and fauna are unique on earth. And the light! The
luminosity of a pollution-free landscape as close to the stars as people can comfortably live... has to be
seen. The fantasies that Tibet has inspired are not fictitious; they are real.It remains the jewel in the lotus, a distant
horizon, a lost world, Shangri-la, the realm of fascination and wonder rightly called the Hidden
Kingdom in the heart of south central Asia.

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Family Tour  
Go to the most beautiful locations or the religious sites in Tibet where you can take your whole family for holiday celebration or religious practice.
Students from school or colleges can also take the Tibet tour easily.

We are one of the few Travel Agencies that operates this kind of tour with full safety under the rules and regulations of the Tibet Tourism Bureau. We use Sherpa crews from Nepal to provide the same high level of services as on our
camping treks.

Heli Tour to Mt. Kailash  

Heli Tour to Mt. KailashHelicopter journeies are for those devout pilgrims who have limited time to visit or cannot undertake a long drive due to age or other physical problems. This tour will be much more comfortable for those people who have lung or heart problems.

This tour will start from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj by flight, then Nepalgunj toHilsa by helicopter on to Kailash.

The journey will take around one week and back by helicopter from Hilsa (Nepal/Tibet border). The views of the Himalayas are spectacular.


Customized Tour  

If you are looking for a departure date that could join with new worldwide friends then hurry to contact
us. We have the experience and flexibility to arrange customized tours for individual travelers, families, students or group of friends. This tour will be less expensive with more clients. You could make new friends to last a lifetime while enhancing the experience.


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