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Sikkim Tour
Sikkim is a remote mountainous state bordering Tibet to the north and wedged between the Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal and Bhutan. It is beautiful lush country with dense forests rich with flora and fauna, unspoiled lakes and the world's third highest mountain Kanchenjunga (28168ft/8586M) which straddles the border with Nepal.
After its annexation by India in 1975, Sikkim becomes one of the youngest Indian states and a restricted area, requiring special permits.

As a result it has retained its original Buddhist charm. The monasteries are in Sikkim is an ideal place to visit for serious Dharma practitioners
Sikkim is considered a heaven for the lovers of exotic FLORA
& FAUNA; there are more several wildlife sanctuaries such as Jawaharlal Nehru Botanical Garden, Himalyan Zological Park, Fambong Lho wildlife, Kyongnosia Alpine Sanctury, Shingba Rhododendron Sanctury, Menam Wildlife Sanctury, Khang-Chen0Dzongga National park. There are various species of birds, animals and wild flowers can be found. Famous Red panda, Orchids, Rhododendron of different colour are the major attraction of these sanctuaries.
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