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Mongolia is probably the most horse riding nation in the world. The life of a Mongolian revolves around his horse. The Mongolians spend the greater part of time on the back of their horses, which belong to a small but resistant and tireless race. More than 2.5 million horses live in the Mongolian steppe. Horses are bred mainly to supply the family with their own riding horses.

Mongolians are given their first horse when they are still children so that they learn to handle the animals at an early age.

The owner of a big herd of horses can pround , the symbolic value of possessions is more important than their actual monetary value.
Horse Back Journey in the Gyanghis Khan’s Steppe
This soft adventure trip takes you to Great Chinggis Khaan's inspiring birthplace as well as some historic, legendary sites connected to him and his conquerers. Riding the Mongolian horses is a wonderful experience as these small but fit horses are good at long and tough rides and real friends to human beings. The horses are one of the biggest features of Genghis Khaan's successes. During the trip you will have opportunities of viewing some endangered wild animals, birds and also visiting city ruins from the 13th century and inscribed monument from the 12th century. Let's ride in the beautiful steppes under the blue skies of Mongolia.
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Day to Day Itinerary
Day - 01 Arrival in Ulaanbaatar. City tour: Gandan monastery, the museum of National History and the museum of Natural History. Drive out of the city to Gün-Galuut Nature Reserve and transfer to Steppe Nomads ger camp
Day - 02 Short rides around the ger camp. Ride your horses to Mt. Baits to view Argali wild sheep and other wild animals. Visit Lakes Ayaga and Ikh-Gün to see rare birds of Whooper swan, White crane, Swan goose. Enjoy the fresh air and nature beauty.
Day - 03 - 04 Horse riding toward Bayan Ulaan. Enjoy the nature beauty and wilderness. Camping in tents near Bayan Ulaan Mountain
Day - 05 - 06 Continue the horse riding in the morning toward Khodoo Aral, a historical site Cross the river Kherlen by the new bridge. Visit Delgerkhaan county on the way.
Day - 07 Arrive in Khodoo Aral, transfer to ger camp. Rest and shower. Visit the Ritual gers for Genghis Khaan and the beautiful monuments of the Khaan and his warriors.
Day - 08 -09 Ride to mineral spring health resort Avarga Toson of Avarga Toson Lake, and toward Mt. Toono Uul. Camping in tents at a beautiful spot.
Day - 10 -11 Arrive at the mountain in the early afternoon. Rest day in the beautiful mountain after many days of ride. Ride to Aurag city ruins, which is the remains of Aurag Ord city from Genghis Khaan and hear your guide telling about the legends, stories about the ancient city ruins.
Day - 12 Ride back toward Gün Galuut in the beautiful nature and wilderness.
Day - 13 Leave your horses with the horse keepers, pack the truck and drive to Steppe Nomads tourist camp. Hot shower and special dinner for the greatest riders.
Day - 14 Drive back to Ulaanbaatar, transfer to hotel, visit Bogd Khaan's Palace Museum and see a traditional folklore concert. Shopping.
Day - 15 Transfer to the airport after breakfast

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